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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. cia director david petraeus resigns after admitting to cheating on his wife of 38 years, more on the fbi investigation that exposed the allege ad fair with his biographer -- alled affair with his biographer. >> the fiscal cliff countdown, president obama warns congress act or else the united states
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will see tax hikes, job losses, even a double dip recession. >> new information about a teenager accused of beating and robbing an elderly woman, what helped police track him down and what he told detectives after his arrest. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm will thomas. we begin with david petraeus stepping down in disgrace. >> fox news has learned the cia director resigned after an fbi investigation revealed the retired four star general was having an fair with his biographer. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> paula broadwell wrote general petraeus' biography. initially the fbi thought petraeus may have been a victim but so far there's been no evidence to back up that concern. cia director general david petraeus step down after 14 months on the job offering president obama his resignation on thursday.
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it was accepted today. general petraeus said in a statement to the cia workforce, "after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and leader of an organization such as ours." sources close to petraeus tell fox news the resignation was his choice and had nothing to do with the situation in benghazi. they say the general was looking forward to testifying on capitol hill about libya next week. the president released a statement saying in part david petraeus has provided extraordinary service to the united states for decade by any measure he was one of the outstanding general officers of his generation helping our military adapt to new challenges and leading our men and women in uniform through a remarkable period of service in iraq and afghanistan where he helped our nation put those wars on a path to a responsible end. much about the sudden and dramatic turn of events aren't yet known including how long the affair had gone on and what
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prompted petraeus to resign now days after the 2012 presidential ection. according to fox news, the fbi first uncovered the affair a few months ago during an unrelated investigation of news leaks. according to broadwell's website she was embedded with petraeus in afghanistan from july 2010 to july 2011. she cowrote his biography all in. general petraeus has been married nearly 40 years to holly petraeus. the revelation of his affair now seems to end the public career of a widely admired military hero who played a key role in the iraq war, led the u.s. central command and commanded u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. sources say there is no indication that general petraeus broke any cia rules in connection with his admitted affair. michael morell who has been deputy director has been named acting director of the cia. tonight more questions are being raised about petraeus' resignation. ronald kessler, chief washington correspondent joins us. thanks so much for being here.
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>> of course. >> you write about the intelligence community. you know this community well. we now know the fbi had been investigating petraeus since spring. what else are your sources saying? >> i actually broke this story that the fbi investigation led to his resignation on news max and i wrote the book the secret of the fbi which, of course, gave me a lot of access to the fbi. what happened is that last spring the fbi was scanning e- mails and came across one of his e-mails in his military account referring to something under the desk and they interpreted that as corruption meaning under the table payments and so they looked into it. it turned out it referred to having sex with his mistress and the fbi started an investigation and then they found that the woman had broken up with him and petraeus continued to e-mail thousands of e-mails to her despite the fact that she didn't want them.
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so that raised another question about judgment and then the fbi expected that he would be forced out immediately because this is a violation of top secret security clearance procedures. you can't compromise yourself to be in a position to be blackmailed by a foreign intelligence service, for example. and the white house said -- >> you say the fbi found out about this some time ago and if this would have put him in such a compromising position, why do you any it took so long for to us get to this point where he resigned? >> right. well, the president, of course, was informed about this right away and he wanted to wait to ask for his resignation until after the election. obviously to avoid some kind of embarrassment to give the other side some ammunition to create more controversy. >> ron, let me ask you real quick because we only have 30 seconds left. there's only been talk this resignation may have had something to do with the attack
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of benghazi. you look at the timing of it. what's your thought on that? >> no. that's just false. all these conspiracy theories that are going around and that's not true. the account i just gave you is the inside story. fbi agents are outraged that he was not fired immediately given the possible security compromises. >> it sounds like this story is far from over. we may be looking into other facets of this. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. another big story tonight, the countdown to the fiscal cliff continues to tick away. at stake? hundreds of thousands of jobs in our area and more than a million jobs all across the country. economists are warning the nation could see a double dip resession. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports tonight. >> the president says he's willing to compromise but not collapse. >> but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced.
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>> in 53 days congress faces a deadline and if they don't reach a deal, americans could face a double whammy losing federal programs and jobs with stiff tax hikes. >> everybody's taxes will mattically go up on january 1st, everybody's -- automatically go up on january 1st, everybody's, including the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 a year and that makes no sense. >> the president wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, but republicans say if income and payroll taxes are extended for middle class americans, they should be for everyone. >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. >> house republican speaker john boehner said friday he would only be open to raising more money by closing tax loopholes. >> and i'm proposing that we avert the fiscal cliff together in a manner that ensures that 2013 is finally the year that our government comes to grips with the major problems that are facing us. >> everyone would be affected.
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payroll taxes would increase and bush era tax cuts would end. the unemploy wood see benefits run out and -- unemployed would see benefits run out and the congressional budget office is already warning of a 9.6% unemployment rate and double dip recession. >> very unusual for them to predict a recession if the fiscal cliff is not resolved. >> a solution may be sound say some in the president's largely ignored bipartisan debt commission. >> we've got the fiscal cliff bearing down on us. so why not look on simpson bowles although it's over two years later? >> and looming for our area, possible massive job cuts if automatic pentagon cuts are not stopped. at risk, 207,000 jobs in virginia, 114,000 jobs in maryland and 127,000 jobs in the district. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
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new details tonight about the beating and robbery of an elderly woman in the district. police are now sharing how they tracked down the suspect. they used gps to locate tyran mcelrath. they say he broke into the victim's home in northwest wednesday, beat her unconscious and stole a computer. neighbors say the attack has shaken their sense of security. >> i'm putting bars on my lower basement windows. that's a decision i made after this because that seems to be the point of entry. >> investigators say when mcelrath was arrested, he told police he was sorry for what happened saying the victim could have been his own grandmother. d.c. police are searching for a group of people accused of an armed robbery in a car chase that ended near the white house around 6 a.m. several people robbed a group of men in dupont circle. when the suspects drove off, two victims followed in their car. during the chase one of the suspects fired his gun hitting the victim's vehicle. no one was hurt.
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a lot of us are probably thinking the same thing about now. it's time we get a break. first you had superstorm sandy, then the nor'easter and seriously cold temps. gary mcgrady is with us. so, gary are let's hope some warm weather is sticking around.a while. >> will, today we were up to 58 degrees. we're into the 60s for the weekend and at least on monday. it will get cooler after monday. right now, though, we look at satellite picture. it's all fair out there. there are some showers coming into northwestern ohio right now, all indications are that's going to weaken and dissipate. we may see a few high and midlevel clouds early tomorrow morning. the plan for the weekend is this ridge of high pressure really will kind of pump up through the area and keep us protected. that will keep most of the cloud cover going north of us. any chance of rain going to the north of us and maybe more importantly, it will bring in these southerly winds. it will help get temperatures back up to the mild category.
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i think we're probably going to be up into the middle 60s tomorrow and as we start getting into sunday, we're talking the upper 60s. it would not surprise me on sunday if we have a few folks right around 70 degrees, maybe a little bit over 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine. full forecast, all the numbers coming up. >> the weekend to get out and do something for sure while we can still enjoy it. coming up here on the 10 progress and frustration in the wake of sandy and that nasty nor'easter. some lights are back on, but a fuel crisis is looming. >> plus a fox 5 investigation, a potential threat in the billions of tons of cargo that come into the united states every single year. we are following the bug trail and the fight against pest invaders. >> and later on the news edge a local police department calls in reinforcements to help deal with a crime spree that just won't stop, why they're warning all residents to be on alert at 11:00. 
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new yorkers have started a
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gasoline rationing system thanks to fuel shortages and distribution delays caused by sandy. meanwhile utility crews are making some progress in turning the lights back on. fox's rick levinthal has the latest now from oceanside, new york. >> 30 years of my stuff gone just like that. >> reporter: trash trucks finally reach the town of oceanside on new york's long island for the first time since sandy hit 11 days ago, but residents are still in the dark. >> we've got no response from anybody, no sanitation people. nobody came around and says should you turn your electric off, put your electric on. we had no direction. >> reporter: across the region hundreds of thousands of customers are still without power, heat or answers about when they'll be getting back online. one long island utility company said it was running out of supplies which outraged new york's governor. >> you look at what a utility company does. it basically comes down to wire and poles and crews and trucks. these are things you would want
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to have. how can you run out of poles? >> reporter: in new york city gas rationing began today. cars with even numbered plates fill up on even numbered days. cars with odd numbered plates fill up on odd numbered days, an effort to ease long lines and short tempers. >> i think that made sense. it would have eased up and you wouldn't have had these long lines, people trying to fight for gas. >> reporter: housing is another growing concern. fema is trying to provide temporary shelter for 95,000 people. >> you wake up and you're okay and in a second it hits you all that's happened and you don't have a place of your own anymore are pretty devastating and you always think it's never going to be you and then it is. >> reporter: one thing there seems to be plenty of, generosity. a train filled with supplies is on its way from louisiana to new jersey tonight packed by a community that knows something about weathering mother nature's worst. >> all the images of new jersey were making them feel like everyone wanted to do something and so they started organizing
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an effort on facebook. >> reporter: the donations are being warmly received but won't turn the lights back on. there are still hundreds of thousands of customers without power in the region tonight and the folks in this neighborhood say they've been told they may have electricity by the middle of next week. in the meantime they fill these giant dumpsters with their waterlogged possessions, their furniture, their rotting drywall, anything that's been ruined by the floodwaters in the hopes of drying out and saving their homes. in oceanside, new york, rick 11 all that, fox news. that-- rick levinthal, fox news. sandy victims are getting a helping hand from students in our regions. clothes, blankets, gift cards and money and other items were dropped off at saint apostle church in silver spring. the students loaded several vans with donations today. those vans are headed to new york and new jersey. >> we're helping the kids learn that every little bit counts. we recognize what we've brought together is something small, but it's something important and we want the folks in new
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york, new jersey to recognize our support, our concern, our prayers are with them. >> the church collected about $9,000 worth of canned food and clothing. some of the donations will be given to a new jersey parish. the rest will be given to occupy sandy, a group helping victims in downtown new york. a potential threat may be lurking in the billion of tons of cargo that come into the nation every year. customs and border patrol agents are on the front lines, but what they're looking for may be smaller than the make eye can see but can cause extensive -- than the naked eye can see but can cause extensive damage. fox 5's sherri ly with the story. >> reporter: every day customs and border patrol at the port of baltimore are on the hunt. they're not looking for drugs. >> i'll be searching underneath the plastic. >> reporter: they're looking for bugs capable of wreaking widespread devastation. >> we find something usually of day. >> reporter: it's david eng's
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job to prevent invasive pests from getting into the country. >> most people might not think much of it until it becomes an outbreak. >> reporter: they can only search a small frac of the containers that come in. -- fraction of the containers that come in. these insects that can hitchhike in cargo are more dangerous than you think. every year invasive species cause up to $100 billion in damage in the u.s., more than hurricane katrina. >> we're looking for high risk cargo that comes into the country. >> reporter: this year the border patrol intercepted five insects never seen before in baltimore. some can be smaller than a grain of rice. >> you could have crops that are destroyed in the united states. you could have interception of a pest or plant product that can make people sick. >> reporter: just look at what the brown march march marma --
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marmalated stink bug has done. the stink bug hit this mountain orchard hard this year. >> you can see when the stink bugs will have already sucked some of the juice out of the cell. >> reporter: he'll have to sell these apples for juice. >> it's more damage than i anticipated. >> reporter: and get the half the price he would for a good apple sold in stores. the problem with invasive pests like this is there are no natural predators here, so farmers have to spray to keep the crop damage down. that increases their cost, a cost which is passed on to you in the food you buy. >> how much does it cost me in money? gee, that's a million dollar question. >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture's animal and plant inspection service helps identify suspicious bugs. anything found at the ports or airports comes here. the danger isn't just to crops. giant african snails now multiplying in florida can spread deadly diseases. >> the biggest problems with them is hey, they're big and they eat a lot, but they also
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carry parasites that are bad for humans. i believe you can even die from the parasite. >> reporter: on the east coast they're fighting the emerald ash bore and asian longhorned beetle which are wiping out trees en masse. >> et cetera very important we find these quickly before they -- it's very important we find these quickly before they get too out of hands. >> reporter: traps were set at the edge of bob black's farm trying to find a way to stop them. >> we still don't know why they're feeding, when, where. >> reporter: back at the port we discover a beetle in a tile shipment from italy. >> we did find one hitchhiker, but he may be dead of. >> reporter: cargo found with invasive pests may be destroyed or sent back. it's the first line of defense in what is now a multi-billion dollar bug battle. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> just last week customs and border patrol announced it intercepted an invasive beetle at the port of baltimore that
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poses threat to bean and corn crops. if an invasive pest gets into the country, it can cost billions to eradicate. coming up next. >> reporter: some residents in one local neighborhood complained so loud about big ugly utility boxes in their neighborhood that comcast came in and took them out. i'm matt ackland. i'll tell you where coming up. >> later james bond is back, the new 007 movie getting good reviews. we'll speak with daniel craig about sky fall as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues on this friday night. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. archeologists made a big find in virginia. fauquier county officials announced the local airport recently underwent a dig discovering artifacts from the
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early 19th century. sky fox flew over the site earlier. the artifacts will now be submitted to the virginia department of historic resources. the dig was the first step towards expanding the warrenton fauquier airport. it's home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country. so some people living in georgetown weren't too happy when what they call ugly cable boxes popped up along the sidewalks. turns out no big surprise. those boxes were put there by comcast, but as fox 5's matt ackland reports, public outcry prompted comcast to do something. >> reporter: georgetown is known for its historic narrow streets and sidewalks. some homes sit very close to the curb. >> we have very shallow sidewalks, so it's really -- that's really the issue. >> reporter: it's not surprising when comcast started putting up big utility boxes right on the sidewalks, well, the neighbors didn't like it. it just didn't look good. >> a friend of mine started commenting on it.
10:27 pm
i first noticed it and basically agreed with him that if that was placed in front of my house, i wouldn't want it. >> reporter: it's mandatory all changes to the way things look in georgetown go through a review process. residents say that wasn't done. some aren't so concerned about the utility boxes in busy retail areas, just not the middle of quiet neighborhoods. residents in georgetown didn't like those boxes at all and they did complain at a recent a and c meeting. they went face to face with comcast officials and said you should remove them, so comcast did. there used to be one right here. comcast wouldn't say how many boxes it removed, but we saw several missing tonight. the georgetown current newspaper pictured this box on its front page earlier this week. tonight when we checked, that box was down. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. coming up the fiscal cliff countdown, a democratic and
10:28 pm
republican strategistdown us to sound off on what congress needs to do to solve this crisis. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. if you think you see a growing number of food trucks lining d.c. streets, you are definitely not alone. city officials are concerned about the crowded sidewalks in front of these popular lunch spots. now they're in the process of tweaking the regulations. fox 5's bob barnard has a closer look for us. >> reporter: they surrounded farragut square at lunchtime today more than a dozen food trucks offering everything from vietnamese to fried chicken and burritos to cupcakes. >> i think the convenience of it and also the variety. right there at your fingertips, so that's why i love it. >> reporter: and the park between the trucks dotted with customers eating their hot meals. >> hey, nick, nice to meet you. >> reporter: nick bralov says
10:32 pm
he works nearby and dines along the curb every day. >> my favorite part of the day, to come down to the food trucks and see what's available and try something new. about 15 to 20 trucks every day, kind of hard to find something you don't like. >> reporter: trouble is the food trucks are so popular their customers are blocking the city sidewalks and now mayor vincent gray's administration is working on regulations to restrict where these licensed trucks can set up shop. >> personally it's going to destroy my life savings. i put over half my savings into this truck. >> reporter: louie hank in says he's invested $100,000 in his truck. >> they put too much restrictions on it how we going to work? >> reporter: han don sells vietnamese food from her truck. >> like you give birth to the child, you better raise the child. so if you're going to give us a license, you better let us work. >> reporter: the mayor's office says it's not targeting food trucks, not trying to put
10:33 pm
anybody out of business, said the trucks are good for the city bringing in new tax revenue, but the sidewalks officials say need to be clear for people to move, especially the disabled. >> the only thing to stand here, we serve very fast. >> reporter: current regulations were designed for restaurants with outdoor seating requiring at least 10 feet of unobstructed sidewalk. that's clearly not happening here. in northwest bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the mayor's office says they're allowing the public to submit ideas through next tuesday. the d.c. city council will have the final say in the form of new food truck regulations. the federal government is now investigating the controversial passage of recreational marijuana use in both colorado and washington state. today attorney general eric holder phoned those state's governors. the measure allows adults over 21 to have a small amount of pot which contradicts the
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federal law. meanwhile marijuana shops are up planning for the increase in business promising to offer a variety of alternatives. >> candies, lotions, soups, hot sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, pizza. you're not taking any carcinogens. everything is stripped out of there and you're just using the natural elements of the plant. >> the federal government is considering a lawsuit to block the law from taking effect. 17 states in the district allow medical marijuana only. coming up next why a video game landed several navy seals in serious trouble. >> and how about a warm-up? it's coming just in time for the weekend. gary has the full forecast when we come back. wall street still has those fiscal cliff jitters, the dow posting one of its worst weeks of the year falling about 2% after a major midweek selloff. meantime drivers nationwide are enjoying some slightly livier wallets these -- heavier wallets these days because the
10:35 pm
natural average for a gallon of regular is down 36 cents in the past 30 days. in new york and new jersey gas prices climbing there and now a new run on of gas rationing, new york city and long island taking a cue from their neighbor to the west with odd and even license plate restrictions at stations. a recall of 1 million jeeps, grand cherokees and liberty suvs from the 2002 and 2004 model years. the air bag deploys for no reason at all. this year restaurants dishing out patriotism, several casual and family style chains serving free food to veterans sunday and monday as a way to say thank you to vet for their service to this country. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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seven u.s. navy seals are under fire after sharing disclosed information with the makers of this popular military game. it's called medal of honor war fighter. authorities say the seals released classified information and misused command gear while working as paid consultants to help create the game. the seals have been reprimanded. four others are now under investigation. he died serving his country and last night u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens was honored in washington. he was given a posthumous reward. secretary of state hillary clinton was at the presentation of this year's common ground awards. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. he remains an inspiration now
10:40 pm
and i believe far into the future. >> stevens' sister received a standing ovation as she accepted the reward on her brother's behalf. the obama administration is still investigating the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and looking for the people responsible for stevens' death. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 they served their country. now they have no place to call home. how d.c. is working to find housing for homeless vets. >> and a major shakeup at lockheed martin. the company's new ceo is fired before he starts the job, the scandal behind it at 11:00. ♪
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it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me.
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simple who's excited here? not just -- who's excited here? not just over shawn's iphone 5 now? did you download the app? pretty sweet. >> thanks, gary. >> it's a warm-up, right? >> a warm-up coming.
10:44 pm
>> okay, yeah. let's talk about the warm-up. all right. let's talk about the weather outside, guys. >> you wouldn't know it from this morning, right, shawn, because it was kind of chilly. >> it wasn't as bad. i was outside a little while ago and i was surprised. >> that's the way it's going to be. we're warming up a bit. we'll be not quite as chilly overnight tonight and i'm telling you now, what you need to do is if you're an outdoorsy- type person and enjoy nice mild warm weather, this is going to be the weekend that you need to enjoy because as i look farther out into the future here, one, two, three weeks, this will be a perfect time to show the headlines now, guys, enjoy the weekend. how about this? it would be real nice because as i look out three weeks into the future, i don't see any more weekends like what we're about to have. so it's going to be real nice out there, temperatures in the 60s both days. temperatures will be in the 60s
10:45 pm
on monday as well. so it's not going away any time soon. for the weekend this jet stream is pumping up to the north of us bringing in high pressure and that's going to allow warmth to kind of spread up into the southeast and mid- atlantic and all the way up into the northeast, for that matter. i think the warmest temperatures will still be confined to southwestern virginia, western north carolina, tennessee valley and the deep southeast. we will definitely have mild can bees here. i think temperatures -- mild conditions here. i think temperatures will be up in the middle 60s. heat down in texas, spreading out, though, 72 st. louis, cincinnati 62 degrees, national 68. in town we're still in the 50s with our highs 58 degrees, but look at the weekend. 64 tomorrow and 68 degrees by sunday. my thinking on sunday is going to be that some locations will be pushing 70 degrees, if not possibly a little bit up over 70 degrees.
10:46 pm
still think here in town we're talking about upper 60s, though. temperature now is 46. you get out in the suburbs, though, temperatures dropping off quickly, gaithersburg 37, manassas 36 degrees and dulles 39. clear skies, light winds. there are some showers moving through north western ohio right now. that is building. it's running right along the northern edge of this ridge of high pressure, but all indications are that ridge will continue to push on to the north and that would take that well north of us. we may see a couple clouds from that tomorrow morning, that's all. mostly clear overnight tonight. of course, 30s out in the suburbs, lower 40s here in town, which would be a little bit warmer than where we were this morning. this morning in the city we did manage down into the upper 30s. so 47 at 8 a.m. that's a good start. 61 by lunchtime, 63 degrees by 4:00 tomorrow and, of course, tomorrow we make it a little
10:47 pm
bit warmer. high pressure is in place tomorrow. on sunday it will scoot a little off to the east. that will bring in a little bit warmer conditions for us. so tomorrow mid-60s and then on sunday we're talking again upper 60s and maybe a couple lower 70s, so a really, really good looking veterans day. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast shows 60s for the next three days. tuesday is the next best chance for some rain and then next week we dry out after the tuesday rain, but we'll be in the 50s. so enjoy this weekend. that's my advice. >> boy that, 68 looking good on sunday. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> i do have some outdoor things i have to do. so i'm hopeful that forecast is a good one. >> i imagine it is. it should be. >> it's all right, gary. people living in some of the areas hit hardest by superstorm sandy are going back to their homes for the very first time since the storm. fox's carey drew is in midland beach on staten island with the
10:48 pm
very latest. >> first time i saw it i was totally devastated. i couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: marge gaddie lived in this home for 30 years. when sandy tore through her staten island neighborhood last week her life changed forever. >> it's ground zero. that's exactly what it is. >> reporter: now she and her son anthony are sifting through piles of rubble. >> that's a grindery used to make bolts for the trailer for the boat. everything has a meaning, you know. so it's very emotional for me. >> i think -- i don't know. i'll ask around and see. it's in good condition. >> reporter: they're saving be saved. >> this has all my grandchildren's heights. i found my granddaughter's necklace this morning and it's in perfect condition. there wasn't even a spot of mud on it.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: the storm tossed their pool deck into their neighbor's yard and took the house off its foundation. it can never be lived in again. >> it's kind of like losing a loved one like grieving. >> reporter: the gaddys are staying with family as they deal with insurance companies. >> i don't have enough insurance to cover something like this, to build a new house. it's not happening at my age. >> reporter: but despite losing nearly everything. >> yeah, my grandsons, how funny is that. >> reporter: manner still has a sense of humor. >> mother nature, never fool with a mother. back to one of tonight's big stories, the fiscal cliff. we are now 52 days away and counting. president obama speaking at the white house says the election was a referendum on his approach to cutting the deficit and avoiding that fiscal cliff. that includes raising taxes on the wealthy. the president says he wants a balanced approach to fixing the budget, but republicans have other ideas even though they say they're willing to
10:50 pm
compromise. joining me now is republican strategist jack burkman and democratic strategist brendan daley. well, guys, so much for a slow news cycle after the election. >> we were hoping for some easy days, right, will? >> not so unfortunately. let's start with this. president obama making really no bones about it. whatever the solution it better include more taxes for the wealthy. brendan, why don't you start off. >> he made that very clear during the campaign. he said it almost every stop he went to. so it's not a surprise. i do think he really will compromise and he's willing to work with the republicans. i think the onus is on them to cooperate and if they, do he certainly wants to cooperate and lead them so we don't go off this fiscal cliff. i think everybody realizes that's not what we're looking for. >> democrats want to turn this into a big mandate and claim they had some kind of massive mandate tuesday to do this. i don't think that's the case at all. the other thing obama campaigned on is something
10:51 pm
called jobs. remember that? if you tax people over 250,000 do what the president wants to, do surely the job engine in in country will be killed. we -- in this country will be killed. we know that. so i see a dichotomy. the other thing is boehner has a real problem. boehner is somewhat of a moderate. he may want to compromise on this. actually boehner and obama individually are incentivized to compromised but face people to the extremes in their parties who will prevent it. if boehner goes too far left, i really think the tea party will toss him right out. >> that's possible, but -- >> the lines are really drawn here, but president obama won the election. doesn't that buy him some capital here? >> oh, sure, and i think the fact that boehner comes right to the table, already doing interviews. republicans have wasted no time led by boehner saying there should be compromise and there's going to be a deal. we'll have to give on something. we might have to give a percent or two, but republicans aren't going to compromise their
10:52 pm
values. we're in this for the long haul. we believe in low taxes. we're not trading in all of our values because of one election result tuesday. we still hold half the cards in this town. people talk like the republican party is extinct. we control the house of representatives. >> no one is asking anyone to compromise core values. if there's a mandate, certainly raising taxes on the wealthy was one, but the biggest mandate was let's solve our big problems. we can't go over that fiscal cliff. both sides got that message, so they really have to work together. you don't have to give up everything you believe in, but you do have to at least give up something, though. >> maybe you agree on this. of time there's a problem, social security, med -- every time there's a problem, social security, medicare, the fiscal cliff, you come in and say we want higher taxes. higher taxes is part of the solution for everything you advance. >> it's fairness.
10:53 pm
>> but it won't be fairness if you keep doing it over time. america has already been down this road. >> let me ask you if boehner is leaving up the possibility of revising the tax code to raise revenue, do you see that as a good sign here? >> i do. let me say the president has some leverage because if congress doesn't act which often the default because there is such gridlock, these bush tax cuts will expire. there need to be some sort of deal. the republicans want to keep these bush tax cuts, so they really want a deal. if there's no deal, those tax cuts go way and they know they'll never get them back. >> you're right, but again the conservatives in the house will not allow any affirmative action by the speaker. they might permit -- what i'm hearing tonight is they might permit 1%, maybe 2% on the top bracket, but i think that's as far as they'll go. >> let me change gears. i have maybe 30 seconds left, so quickly on both of these, let me change gears and ask you
10:54 pm
briefly to weigh in on petraeus. some think this is starting to look like a white house coverup until after the election. each of you take about 15 seconds. >> i'm certain the president knew. i'm not one to say this would have undone the election. i'm not one to cry sour grapes. i'm also not one to think these are important affairs and such, but because it's in the intel world when this stuff happens to somebody running the cia, they can be black made. that's why it's dangerous. >> brendan? >> i didn't know about it until it happened today. i don't think many people did. it's too bad because general petraeus was someone people held in high regard and really felt he did a great job and this was a sad way today his career. >> guys, thanks for coming in on a friday evening. we appreciate it. we will be right back. you're on timeouout leo!
10:55 pm
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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the latest james bond film opens up today. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy spoke with damage craig, the latest actor to play the super spy. he asked him why bond never gets old? >> one of the most interesting things about this film is the fact that javier bardem is so relentless about finding you and as an actor looking back over your career, what was the most biggest role for you you were so relentless about getting you would not stop going after? >> as an actor, you can't really get too emotionally involved. i've wanted stuff and i've really, really wanted it and been disappointed when i haven't got it, but if you kind of sort of give -- there's way too much disappointment to just give everything. so i kind of pretend not to want it. you let it ride and try to move on. i wanted to play this part, but i didn't want to play this part and actually i walked away from
10:59 pm
it a number of time and thankfully barbara brocker convinced me to do it, but it's a strange one. you can't get too involved. there are always other parts. >> i was reading an interesting article recently about the product placement in line ken. i was like i watched the movie last night. it wasn't obtrusive at all. it didn't harm the story one bit. as an actor, when does product placement become a problem in films? >> i think when you're kind of building the scene around it, but i just won't allow that to happen because i think it's a waste of time. i'm very kind of aware of heineken and all the other people i could mention very rapidly gave us a lot of money. we can't turn that down. it's trying to do it as subtly as we can. >> this has been the longest running franchise, 23 films. hypothetically if one of r

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